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A Different Kind Of Journal

The Startup Journal is a set of ideas and principles that are packaged into a daily journal that inspires every entrepreneur in the making to take the right actions and know what to do next on a daily basis. It embodies all the behavior and mindset shifts that need to happen to build the right habits that will make you succeed as an entrepreneur.

The Map

Everything I learned about Entrepreneurship is distilled in a note entry system. These are concepts that worked for me and they will work for you too. Continue reading to learn more. The Map is all about knowing what to do next.It forms the first and foremost building block of the Startup Journal.

"The things you own end up owning you." - Tyler Durden, Fight Club

The Building Blocks 


Knowing what to do next. 


The combination of our networks, tools and resources.


The roadblocks we will hit along the way.


The way we interpret the world around us and what everything means.


The way we manipulate time.


Doing more with less.

Do it Yourself

The Map + A Bullet Journal

Right now you can make the Startup Journal yourself. The DIY version of the Startup Journal is very easy to build. All you need to do is combine our building blocks with a bullet journal. Let us show you how.

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